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My name is Merary (bet you can't pronounce that), and I'm addicted to any form of literature. If I see a pretty cover or an interesting premise, I'll devour that book up! It better satisfy me, because if it doesn't . . . I START SPAWNING FIRE AND KILL EVERY SINGLE PARTICLE OF THAT BOOK!!! I like every type of music. I don't care what genre it is, as long as it has a good singer and decent lyrics. Many people consider me a perfect mixture of sweetness and mischievousness. You'll never know what you are going to get with me. My favorite colors are red and gold. Why? BECAUSE RED MAKES ME FEEL SEXY!! And gold just makes me feel . . . elegant and rich. My humor is very twisted considering that guts and blood makes me laugh. Torture makes me laugh too. Don't judge me. I'm into Chick Flicks most of the time, but I don't mind ass-kicking action and pornos. The last one is completely lie. *smirks* I'm also a Chocoholic. Believe when I say that I want to be bathed with chocolate. It's good for the skin. Kittens, unicorns, and bunnies are everything that I live for! Kittens are so just cuddly and small and . . . AWWWWWWWWW!!! I have a dog with blue eyes. Ain't that awesome? :D Once you befriend me . . . you'll never regret it. ARRIBA MEXICO! MI PAIS NATAL!!